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What to Expect in 2021

Happy New Year and Welcome to The Bold Money Podcast. 

I’m your host Tara Newman,and I wanted to take this opportunity right out of the gates to let you know what you can expect from us this year.

I like to do this because I believe it’s important to communicate with all of you so you can decide whether or not you still want to tune in, and if you do want to tune in this will help bring you clarity on how you can be served by our content.

This also sets me up with the best mindset and focus for the year and maybe by me modeling my process, you pick up on something that can work for you.

First things first, this podcast is FREE for you, and it’s one of the few things I do for free. Podcast, my presence on social media, and the content that goes out to my email subscribers. All of those things are free.

If you haven’t signed up for our emails yet, I highly encourage you to do so because we will be putting a lot of time and attention into that content this year.

If you have listened to this podcast and it has helped you, please leave us a review.

I consider reviews to be podcast currency, and fair, energetic exchange for what you consume here week after week.

While we are on the topic of reviews. I’m going to ask that as you cruise through 2021, you give some thought about the content creators that you love and benefit from. Please compensate them in some way for the time, effort, and expense that goes into producing quality content that you learn and take action from.

This could be the recipe blogger, the anti-racism Instagram account, the business coach, a health coach – literally anyone who creates high-quality content that you consume for free and it has a positive impact on your life.

  • Comment on their post
  • Share their content with others who can benefit from it
  • Leave them a podcast review
  • DM them to let them know they have made a difference
  • Sign up for their Patreon
  • Buy something through their affiliate or amazon link
  • Buy their PDF, workbook, masterclass so you can take your learning deeper

Content creation and consumption is at an all-time high and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by content.

It’s at the point where we are mindlessly consuming and that serves no one. So as we roll into 2021 – consider consuming less but consume deeply with intention and commitment to taking action.

SO. The podcast will be rolling into 2021 with new content. We will keep our focus on sales, profitability, and business fundamentals so you can run a simple and sustainable business.

We are going to continue to bring you guidance around Profit First, mindset, and the best strategies to implement this year.

We will continue to preach intentionality, focus, consistency, and discernment.

We will continue to talk about our frameworks and models like our SLOW Model and our EMS Framework – Energy Mindset, and Strategy.

Everything we share will be grounded in high-performance principles so you can achieve more while doing less.

As always this show is FOR, you so I really encourage you to head on over to the podcast page and submit a question for us, respond to the emails I send, and engage with me over on Instagram.

In terms of format, I would like to sharpen up these episodes and keep them under 20 minutes which means I am going to have to fight the part of me that wants to tell you all the things.

However, please know that my voice actually sounds way better (IMO) at 1.5 speed so you can always shorten the length that way if needed.

One new content area you will see us explore is my recent ADHD diagnosis. 

I’ve known my brain works differently for a long time. When my son was diagnosed 3 years ago, I suspected I too had ADHD. But in 2020 things really went off the rails for me personally and for my son in terms of how he adapted or didn’t adapt to remote learning.

This led me to do A LOT of research and get evaluated myself. I’m still processing my diagnosis and the fact that I’ve lived 44 years of my life like this. And how everything I’ve ever known isn’t quite what it seems.

Overall, I feel positive about my diagnosis. I feel both relief and grief. I am proud to call myself neurodiverse and feel passionate about sharing more of this aspect of myself in order to destigmatize mental health and neurodiversity.

As well as bringing more of my neurodiversity into our trainings, teachings, and coaching in The BRAVE Society, because much of what has been created for business education has come from people who are neurotypical. And there is nothing wrong with that – it just doesn’t work for people even if you are actually neurotypical.

Next – if you’re looking for support in growing your business so you can create significant income that allows you to give yourself a raise, profit well, and in general stop working so damn hard for too little money – I want to share how we can help you because I’ve had a number of people reach out over the last few weeks saying I’m on their 2021 vision board to work with 1:1.

First, if this is you, I’m incredibly grateful and flattered. At this time I am not taking any 1:1 clients and it will be rare if I have any this year. I’m intentionally stepping back from 1:1 work AND I have found that I can support most small business owners in reaching their goals through the work we do in The BRAVE Society or the MM depending on the stage of business you are in.

If you seriously want to work with me 1:1, you need to be on my email list. Any openings will be shared there first AND I will most likely take applicants who I already have some sort of relationship with first.

This means, the person is actively engaging in my content – commenting on posts, or responding to my emails, submitting questions for the podcast.

This is criteria that I find allows me to understand the applicant’s readiness and willingness to do the work that is required to get the type of results I help people get.

Most of my 1:1 clients start in The BRAVE Society and get a feel for my style and do the foundational work there before moving up to a 1:1 relationship.

This system really works, so if you’re interested in working together, make sure you sign up for my email list.

We ARE currently enrolling in The BRAVE Society and our Q1 curriculum is focused around strategic planning and starting the year by building your sales skills by going through a 6-week revenue acceleration cycle.

You can join us in The BRAVE Society here.

Thanks for taking the time to listen today. I hope this has been helpful. Please know I believe that small business owners have the power to change the world. Take good care.

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