Journaling Series - Who Do You Need to Become

Who Do You Need to Become

Hey there, bold leaders. This week we are doing something a little different with the podcast. We’re saying goodbye to 2019, and saying hello to 2020 by reconnecting with what we actually want. Each day this week, I’m going to walk you through each of the days in our five-day “Journaling for Vision, Clarity and Abundance” program.

This is a powerful time of year to do this because it’s going to push you a little bit. It’s going to help you process, and it’s going to help you calm and get laser-focused on what you want to bring into 2020.

This is an activity we do in our mastermind days. And it’s something I do with my clients when they need to get laser-focused on what they’re creating. It’s powerful.

The leaders who have gone through this training have received amazing results that they would have paid good money for, but we’re giving away for free.

For example, Katie said, “A huge thank you to Tara. This is the first five-day challenge I ever completed, and you’ve changed my mindset on journaling. It’s been invaluable to kickstart me back into connecting with the next chapter of my life. I’m loving how I’ll be showing up in the world.”

Maybe you’re feeling like Patrick was. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re faced with a million different decisions, choices, and possibilities. The decision, fatigue and second-guessing yourself can really keep you frozen. Maybe you feel like you have so many goals with so little time to focus because this is how Patrick felt when he did our five-day training.

He says, “I can’t thank Tara enough for setting me straight on what I should be focused on, and more importantly why I should be focused on it.” Do yourself a solid, and get over to her training and learn how to get focused. Gain perspective on what it is you really want for your personal and business blueprint.

I’ve already moved forward more than I have in a really long time. Patrick makes a really great point. I am not here for the blueprints that everybody else is handing out and having you follow. But this is really a way for you to create your own personal blueprint for where you need to be moving next.

And as so many reluctant journalers have let me know, this has really helped them get the habit started. So grab a cup of coffee, and join me each day this week for “Journaling for Clarity, Vision, and Abundance.”

Now, if you want the workbook that goes along with this audio, come on over to, and use the code “BOLD” to get free access to this program.


Hey there. Yay. It’s day five of Journaling for Vision, Clarity, and Abundance, and we’re bringing this thing home today. I can’t tell you how many times I hear from people that journaling feels like not doing anything. It feels like it lacks action. They don’t know what to do with the pages that they’ve journaled. What do I do with all of this once I’ve written it out? So day five, today, it’s about bringing it all together with a final question. So grab that journal that we are making a habit of opening 20 minutes a day and we are going to bring this home.

So the question for day five is, who do you need to become to step into this vision, right? We have spent four days narrowing down and defining what it is that you want and this vision and now we need to ask ourselves, who do I need to become to step into this vision? How would you show up in the world if your vision was here now? If it was done, how would you use your time? What would you believe? Would you dress differently? That’s always my favorite one, it’s like, “Oh, I’d wear this outfit or my glasses would be look like this.”

And when I was starting my business and when I was actually creating the vision to start my business back in December of 2014, I got very detailed around who I needed to become. And for me, there was a lot around what my office looked like because I was so used to working in a corporate office. And what I wore because I was so used to wearing corporate-y type clothes and what am … I wear glasses. So like what kind of glasses was I wearing?

And when I look at my life now, it’s very funny because I have the office that I had envisioned, I have the glasses that I envisioned, I dress the way that I did that I envisioned. And so that’s like one of my favorite things to really put me in character of this person that I need to become, to step into this vision. Also things like what boundaries would you have? Right? What boundaries would you have as you step into this bigger vision?

And I recently did this exercise and here’s some of the things that came up for me, so you kind of have an understanding. So when I looked at who I needed to become to step into this vision, I had to change the way I onboarded my clients. I needed more structure and organization there. I would have team members, I’d be adding team to help sustain my business in the state that I envisioned in, right? Because I’m looking for healthy and sustainable success. So I would need some help and some team. So I wrote some job descriptions for future team members and then I actually got up some courage and I posted some job openings for these team members to see what would come up now for this future business.

I realized that I needed to change the way I communicate with my clients. I wasn’t communicating in the most efficient way for my time and for the delivery of what they needed. So I changed the way I communicate with my clients. My schedule changed a bit. How I was using my time each day needed to change. And I’m thinking about my daily actions from a much different perspective.

So when we talk about what do you do with this journaling, this is what I did. I then went and took really aligned action for who I need to become to step into this vision. So what three actions can you take right now to bring you closer to the person you need to become?

And I want to say congratulations on staying with me. I want to acknowledge you for your patience, determination, and your grit for getting through these five days of training and for looking at journaling from a different perspective, from challenging yourself to stay with it, and to really do the work that is going to help you grow in the future. So hit reply and let me know three things or the biggest thing you’re taking away from this training and what you will do differently going forward.

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