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Why Creating More Offers Isn’t The Way To Make More Money

Each quarter in The Bold Profit Academy we focus on an implementation cycle so we can direct the collective energy at learning as a cohort, but also getting things DONE.

Right now, as a group, we are focused on the following three outcomes:

  • Creating a new offer to support their customer journey or bridge a gap
  • Streamlining an existing offer so they can deliver the same or better result with less of their time
  • Increasing value without increasing their time so they can charge more and retain more clients – essentially increasing their lifetime value of a customer.

While we focus on creating offers for clients that get results and get the expert paid, this is what I’m noticing…

There is a belief that the more offers you have, the more money you will make.

This is not necessarily true. Yes, it makes sense to have a well thought out and intentional offer stack that supports your customers through their journey, BUT you don’t need a ton of offers.

The answer to needing more revenue isn’t MORE OFFERS. It’s more sales activity.

In fact, the more offers you have, the harder things may be because you are going to have to redirect your sales activity to a number of different places (unless you have a well-coordinated sales plan).

What I need you to understand is that everything you create needs to be sold.

The passive income product isn’t really passive income. It doesn’t sit on your website and people magically show up and buy it. Email sequences have to be written, tested, re-written, retested. 

Just because you create doesn’t mean people show up for it and think it’s amazing — you have to understand who is going to buy it, create messaging around it, and consider what strategies you will use to sell it. How will you be driving traffic to it? How will you measure its performance so you know what works and what doesn’t?

Contrary to what many coaches want you to believe, your coaching offer, or any premium service, isn’t going to sell itself – and the likelihood of someone clicking on a link and buying this is unlikely. You will need to build relationships and take proactive sales measures to enroll people.

Or if it’s a “done for you” or consulting service, you will need to have a consultative sales call and write a proposal. There is always some type of work involved. 

In fact, there is work on BOTH ends — delivering the product/service and SELLING IT.

And if you want to create another offer because the existing offer you have isn’t selling — I caution against this.

You need to get ONE offer to sell – and sell consistently and predictably – before you can start looking at how to sell something else, consistently and predictably.

The hard truth is: more money comes when you master selling the offer you have, not creating other offers that you don’t know how to sell.

And let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure you are creating multiple offers to completely avoid selling.

Let me put it another way, if this was a meme, it would look like me talking to a client and them telling me how they are creating all these offers to get to a certain revenue goal, and me responding “how will you sell that?”

They respond with another offer idea. I respond with “what is the sales plan for that?”

They respond with another offer idea. I respond with “that will work as long as you sell it.”

So the next time you go to create more offers, remember, I’m just a woman standing here begging you to think if maybe a better use of your time is gaining some sales skills.

I know sales skills are way less sexy than a shiny new offer with fancy graphics, but I promise you that sales, profit, and simplicity are really as sexy as it gets for a business owner.

I know that it’s SO challenging to address your confidence around having a powerful sales conversation and creating another offer is easier because as an entrepreneur you have all the ideas.

I know that creating a small dollar offer is, in theory, easier than understanding and owning your value. Especially as a woman who has been rewarded for doing a lot of unpaid labor.

I know it’s easier to learn a quick-fix tactic than engaging in the work to develop true problem-solving skills that take time to master.

But we need to stop this destructive cycle of avoiding building real skills that will create security and sustainability for ourselves, our families, and our businesses.

Until you decide that skills are greater than tactics, you will continue to overwork and underearn.