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Will You Make This Commitment To Me?

Today, I’m showing up and asking you to make a commitment to me.

I know, that sounds weird because we might not even know each other.

BUT, you might show up here week after week committed to learning and growth and because of that, we have a relationship.

A pretty intimate one…

I’m in your ear for a few moments each week and I, personally, take that incredibly seriously.

SO, because you’re here each week, make this commitment to me:

Commit to making it your number one priority to FEEL good in 2021.

Because when you feel good, good things happen.

When you do more of what feels good your confidence grows stronger. Your energy becomes infectious and attractive, meaning you will attract others to you.

Because nobody wants to be around someone who has bad or toxic energy.

When you feel good about yourself, you show up differently.

When you show up differently, people notice.

When people notice, they start to engage with you.

When people start to engage with you, you meet new and interesting people.

When you meet new and interesting people, business happens – referrals are made, sales are made, partnerships are formed, teams get built.

Good things happen when you feel good.

When you feel good, you’re more generous. You give more value but not value in a give and take kind of way.

You show up to truly give, not giving to get. AND that’s what changes everything when it comes to sales:

Feeling good.

Giving freely without expectation of return.

Increased confidence.

That is abundance.

And that doesn’t just work with business. It works with life.

When I’ve done the things that make me feel good, I have more patience. I’m more kind. I’m a more present mom.

The only way I got through the turmoil of 2020 was by making feeling good a priority.

I did that by working our EMS framework.

EMS stands for Energy, Mindset, and Strategy.

In that order.

Order is important.

Our energy comes first. Caring for our energy in ways that bring us joy, pleasure, strength, and abundance is our first order of business every day.

Find the things that shift your energy and do them first thing in the morning and repeat as needed throughout the day.

What types of activities are potent energy shifters?

FIRST, a good night’s sleep so you have actual energy. We are sleep obsessed over here. We have one non-negotiable with the kids and that’s they must make a good night’s sleep a priority. I was the woman who never woke a sleeping baby. I left gatherings early. Naptime was sacred.

And as teens, my kids probably have the earliest bedtimes among their friends. During the week, we shut the wifi off in the house at 9:30 pm for my 12-year-old and 10 pm for my 15-year-old.

I used to wear a WHOOP to track my sleep. John still wears his to ensure he is maximizing his sleep.

We spend unlimited amounts of money on quality sheets, we have a Chilipad that cools our beds and is dual climate controlled. We have a gravity blanket for those anxious nights and melatonin if we are experiencing prolonged periods of stress that impact our sleep.

Next, focus on what you love to do and what brings you joy.

The small things.

It doesn’t even need to cost money.

Make that a priority.

That was a GAME CHANGER in 2020 when we weren’t going anywhere (we still aren’t). 

It can be anything:

Your favorite type of workout

A hot bath

A creative project

Reading something inspirational

Playing an instrument

A dance party

Diffuse essential oil

Vacuum – I find that to be a nice energy shifter fo me

I fill my morning with energy-shifting, pleasurable activities, and make it a habit.

Make it a game and see how many energy-shifting, enjoyable, pleasurable activities you can stack into your morning.

I just got a Peloton bike and I’m obsessed, so I shifted my workouts back to early mornings so I can get that dopamine hit first thing.

Next, I open my 10% happier app and do a 10-15 minute meditation.

Then I declutter my kitchen and diffuse some essential oil.

I make myself a healthy breakfast rich in foods that have a positive impact on my energy, mood, and brain.

I shower and get ready while listening to some podcasts.

Then, I journal for 30 to 60 minutes depending on my day for my mindset. That’s the second part of the EMS framework.

And not until I feel good and my mind is in a positive state do I sit down at my desk and start work.

Some days this goes really smoothly.

Other days my energy feels heavier and I have to do the best I can.

Either way…

When I do that, my work outcomes are better.

My workday is SHORTER because I’m focused and moving through my tasks quicker.

I’m happy and fulfilled for a longer period of time.

This doesn’t have to take a long period of time. A few quick activities like a dance party and a walk around the block can do the trick.

A mid-day meditation break works wonders.

And making sure your calendar is blocked off for you to have an energizing meal.

Caring for yourself and your energy IS productive.

Connecting with what brings you joy and pleasure is PRODUCTIVE.

We’ve been sold a lie all of our working lives from the time we were kids in elementary school that if we aren’t sitting at a desk with a pen in hand that we aren’t productive.

That if we take a day off, we’re lazy.

If we choose to abandon a project or book or a sport because it wasn’t lighting us up, we’re a quitter.

If we abandon creative pursuits, we’re told we never finish anything.

But what I want you to understand is this is all a BIG lie perpetrated by a patriarchal society that doesn’t value our human experience and it’s having a catastrophic impact on our ability to actually be EFFICIENT.

When we put our energy first and everything else becomes easier – that is efficient.

It isn’t about getting more done.

It’s about getting the right stuff done in the appropriate amount of time so we aren’t wasting efforts because we’re concerned with looking good to a boss, or so our parents don’t think we’re lazy quitters, or so the internet thinks we’re the hardest working entrepreneur and we have really earned our place in society.

Let this episode be your permission to prioritize your energy doing things that are enjoyable before you even sit down at your desk.

It’s time we rewrite the narrative around productivity.

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