Wins and Takeaways from the Bold Profit Academy

Wins and Takeaways from the Bold Profit Academy

On today’s podcast episode, I’m chatting with one of my team members, who has been critical in helping me create the Bold Profit Academy, Jo Gifford. She lives across the pond in England, but we have known each other since 2015. We will share some of our favorite wins from the incredible women who have participated in the Bold Profit Academy and give you a sneak peek behind the scenes. 

Let’s start with a bit of background on Jo. She started her career in graphic design. Eventually, she managed a group of designers and transitioned to freelance consulting. Jo creates content that creates a connection and an experience. We’ve been working together on curriculum development and the customer experience, and she brings incredible tools to the table. 

Jo has experience with courses and signed up for one back in 2014 that catapulted her to success, but it also led to a mental health breakdown because there were no foundations built to support her business and its rapid growth. We understand the “hustle the money in” mentality, and that’s not how we work. 

Dive in with us, get more information on how this program works, and read examples of the wins we love to celebrate!

Count on the Bold Profit Academy to be Dynamic

The Bold Profit Academy is not just a course we published a few years ago and haven’t touched since. This program is dynamic and constantly changing. While Jo and I are learning and growing, we update the content and do quarterly check-ins to ensure the information is helpful and relevant.

Join us on co-working sessions, workshops, micro-learning, and more. Jo and I have reverse-engineered the program to ensure our expertise can benefit the women who sign up as possible. 

One of the main things we stress when people join the Bold Profit Academy is to focus on just one action and one insight. The small changes can be incredibly impactful. If you’re new to the podcast, check out one of the recent case studies we reviewed. Marie Parks went from three-figure offers to six-figure offers. Cassie Christopher changed her business from B2C to B2B and found great success. Kelly Ruta booked $70,000 of sales in just 30 days. Those are just a few of the incredible achievements we have celebrated. 

No Separation Based on Revenue in the Bold Profit Academy

Many courses and programs offer different levels based on the company’s revenue, but not the Bold Profit Academy. I have four reasons why we will not do this:

  1. I don’t want to participate in the assumption that because you have a certain revenue amount, you might be more valuable than someone else. 
  2. We all start at zero. Each year, the numbers start over again. 
  3. The life of a business has so many different stages. You might be just starting out or running your small business for over a decade, but everyone’s thoughts are valid, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum.
  4. The women involved are all professional experts. When I started this business, I already had tons of experience. Just because I wasn’t immediately bringing in $100,000 didn’t mean I didn’t deserve a seat at the big kid’s table. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to develop strong foundations and good habits with your business; it doesn’t matter how big or small you are when you sign up for the program. Life doesn’t stop happening, and we can help you create a business that is easy on your energy. We celebrate wins of all sizes, so let’s see some examples.

Let’s Celebrate Some Wins!

Jo and I agree that women are incredibly resilient but aren’t great at acknowledging their wins. We won’t share any personal details, but these are a few recent examples of things we have celebrated in the Bold Profit Academy and what part of the program that person could utilize to see the success.

Simplify and Do Less With the Slow Method

There was a woman who was able to take two full weeks off from seeing any clients. During this time, she was able to spend time with her family and gain some perspective. She was able to utilize the slow method and let go of what was not needed. Sometimes you need a little space to take inventory of your routines and habits. 

Getting One Thing Done

One woman had to step away from her business for a week because she was ill and admitted to the hospital. Before the illness, she had completed a task from the program to set up email automation. These went out, and she was generating leads while not working. By completing that one thing, she could take care of herself and then come back to fresh leads to follow up on.

Consistent Daily Sales Activity

Similar to the last story, there was a woman who needed some time to take care of her sick daughter. Because of the sales activities she had done and the habits she had created, she could take off a week. By doing consistent daily sales activities, there was momentum that couldn’t be stopped. 

Take Space to do the Creative Work

One of my own personal wins was finding myself at Costco at 10 AM on a Tuesday. I had always wanted to do that and could take that time in the middle of a weekday. It’s important to give yourself space to be creative and think clearly. It might seem trivial, but it’s about acknowledging and permitting myself to step away.

Managing the Nervous System and Learning from Listening Calls

There was a woman selling B2B, and she went back and forth with a client on a proposal. They were thousands of dollars apart. She managed her nervous system at that moment and stayed in the negotiation. She didn’t compromise her worth and stayed present. That can be extremely hard to do. A listening call is an exercise where you ask more questions from clients and people that didn’t buy. Instead of just always assuming that it’s price, it’s important to dig a little deeper and understand the responses you’re receiving. 

Creating Consistent Habits

The Bold Profit Academy has two tools that should become habits. The Bold Money Memos are completed monthly and have helped many people reduce spending. It helps them look through the lens of energy, mindset, and strategy. The CEO Debrief happens each Friday and helps women regain trust in themselves and remember that non-revenue wins can turn into revenue wins later. There was a woman who was in pre-startup, but she was celebrating being in a container where she was actually learning. She had experience in places where people were making big numbers but couldn’t keep it up. 

The Program Cuts Through the Fluff

We had one woman in the program for about nine months. She finally reached out to me and shared that she was overwhelmed. She was looking for something easy, with about 10 hours a week of work. There are many benefits to being a small business owner, but there are tradeoffs. This program cuts through the fluff and helps people understand the realities. She decided not to pursue it, which is a different type of win. 50% of businesses fail, so knowing when to quit is important.

Final Words of Advice

Remember that wins aren’t always what you expect them to be. Tiny actions help to build habits with consistency over time. These small actions will get results and set you up for long-term success. By joining the program, you’ll gain clarity about the next steps that you should be taking. You’ll have tools and resources available to help you organize your business. 

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