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Your Bold Leadership journey with us starts right here.
There are currently three ways you can take your next step to Bold Leadership.

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The Bold Profit Academy

Virtual Community, Peer Learning and Network Intelligence

In The Bold Profit Academy, we use proven strategies to support you in managing your cashflow. That means you’re able to strategically plan for investments and maximize them, rather than always feeling on the razor’s edge of ‘having to make more money’ for that ‘quick win/fix’ course or program.

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The Bold Leadership Mastermind

Mastermind Support

The Bold Leadership Mastermind is about radical honesty, overflowing empathy, and strategic progress that creates unrelenting upward momentum. The year-long experience is an incredible place to develop your best work with the support of Tara, your Mastermind cohort, and the Bold Leadership Revolution team.

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The Bold Leadership Intensive

One on One Support

The Bold Leadership Intensive is a  transformative 1:1 coaching session that gives business owners a partner to help them navigate the true ups and downs of business ownership through their own values-based strategy. 

kelly scott testimonial

“When I started working with Tara, I was so far from the person I wanted to be that I felt like a fraud and a failure. Since we started implementing a deep foundation of self-care and respect, I can now show up with more energy, positivity, and value. I reduced my workload, feel more confident in my abilities than ever before, and am finally focused on the right things rather than all the things.

Kelly Scott

“Before working with Tara, I felt like there was a piece missing in my business. Outwardly, I was doing everything, but I still felt like there was a small part of me that was ‘playing’ at business and I felt like I didn’t deserve the wealth and business that I had created. Tara is supportive, kicks my British behind in a loving way when needed, and shows up authentically always. She has the most strategic mind and fantastic approach to leadership and development; and that helps me to improve my own. Now I feel like I’ve stepped up to become the most powerful version of myself in both my life and in my business.

Jessica Lorimer

jessica lorimer testimonial