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Workshop: What to Do With Your Money So You Can Build Wealth in Any Economy (Tuesday, March 29 2022)

60% of women business owners experience daily worry and stress and if you’re anything like the women I’ve been speaking to lately…

…you know this statistic is accurate and maybe even under-reported as more female entrepreneurs seek to prioritize their mental health.

We are at a zeitgeist between entrepreneurship, online business culture, and world change. 

Women are completely overspent – in every imaginable way.
– Overspent on ads and marketing tactics.
– Overspent on the capacity to take on more.
– Overspent on programs that promised atypical results.
– Overspent on nurturing people who will never invest.

What I’m hearing more now than ever is that women want to learn real, reliable,
and repeatable skills that put money in their bank accounts.

9 in 10 women plan to take steps within the next 12 months to get their money working harder for them.

Financial literacy is on every woman’s mind as they look to close the pay gap, redistribute wealth, and question what their generation’s legacy will be. 

Research shows more women are reaching out for support to take ownership of their personal financial goals.

Women small business owners need specialized support as they look to up their money mojo – someone who understands the specifics of leading a business, personal goals, and prioritizing mental health.

Ready to get naked with your money so you can start gaining the confidence to:

  • Set clear financial goals that translate to realistic and exciting revenue.
  • Understand how your business can fulfill your desire for financial independence.
  • Have a simple plan for doubling your owner’s pay in the next year. 
  • Show up and receive support that will motivate you to take consistent action action.

Let me show you how to find your sweet spot between financial independence and personal freedom.

Hi. I’m Tara Newman and I’m the nonjudgmental, brave-space-holding money mentor and coach you’ve been looking for. 

When you have clear financial goals and an aligned business strategy you:

  • Won’t have to work as hard as you are now.
  • Will experience financial peace of mind so you’re not a ball of nerves all the time.
  • Gain the confidence you need to make wise money decisions that impact profitability.
  • See that, as a woman, you are actually way better at this money game than the men.

Fun fact: in the last 10 years, Fidelity has reported that women outperform men as investors.

  • As an expert in Organizational Psychology, my approach to business is: Human-centered, Evidence-based, and organized with systems and processes that work for each individual.

  • I’m a Profit First consultant because it was the perfect blend of my decades of experience with business and money. Profit First is a simple cash flow management system that anyone can learn and implement.

  • My first business went bankrupt during the Great Recession. It was the post-graduate degree in finance and economics that I never knew I wanted.

  • In an environment where women are being told they aren’t making the money they want because of their mindset, I prioritize practical steps and simple math while honoring your lived experiences and beliefs.


Join us for the “What to Do With Your Money So You Can Build Wealth in Any Economy”

2 hour Workshop on Tuesday, March 29th at 11 am Eastern Time.

2 Hour workshop


March 29, 2022

11 am – 1 pm ET

In this 2 Hour Workshop, we will cover:

  • A simple framework so you can find your sweet spot between personal freedom and financial independence.
  • How to make sure you get paid so you (finally!) feel rewarded for your effort,  expertise, and well-earned credentials. Not to mention combat some of that inflation you’re worried about. 
  • How to take what you’ve earned and actually get it working for you – true passive income not the kind that requires a complex funnel schematic.
  • The most effective way to $250,000 in revenue so you can keep more than 50% of it for yourself.

Who this is for:

  • Experts running a service-based company with a proven track record for getting clients results.
  • You don’t want to sacrifice your personal freedom chasing ego-driven goals. Your ambition is important but your mental health is the priority.
  • Your revenue is important and keeping more of what you make is non-negotiable.
  • You want to improve your business acumen and make wise decisions about your moolah.
  • Your contribution is needed to support your family.
  • You are willing to put in time, effort, and energy to grow your business. 

No replay will be available because…

It’s important to me to maintain a close, brave container for women to work through their money ish. 
I want you to feel safe knowing that this replay won’t be out on the interwebs anywhere. 

Come live.
Take action on the call.
Experience the transformation with your peers.

© The Bold Leadership Revolution 2022

© The Bold Leadership Revolution 2022